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The magician states that he will make a prediction that cannot fail, a prediction that he can give a 100% guarantee to be correct. A spectator is asked to simply think of any playing card and name it aloud. The performer removes a sheet of paper and unfolds it showing that since he has every card in the deck on one side, he couldn't miss! Understandably, the audience is unimpressed and the magician offers to try it one more time, but this time he can only give a 50% guarantee. The spectator thinks of a different card and the magician tears the sheet down the center, handing one half to the spectator. Both the magician and spectator continue to tear up the sheet into smaller places, and the spectator is asked to separate the pieces into two piles. One of the piles contains the pieces showing cards with a similar suit or value to their thought-of card, and the other contains those pieces that don't. Without any questions or "fishing" the magician may immediately name the thought-of card! Very easy to do, and no sleight-of-hand necessary. No force, and everything may be examined and the spectator can really just think of any card!



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