13 Book by R. Paul Wilson

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Paul Wilson's currently very busy at work as Technical Advisor for a new movie starring Sylvester Stallone, but he's not too busy to create more brand-new card and coin magic. 13 is a 32-page, beautifully illustrated booklet which contains:

•Uprising You spread the deck between your hands and a spectator's selection mysteriously rises out of the spread
•Threadbare A real-world working for the classic floating bill
•1002.5 Aces Four aces are shown and one is selected. Three odd cards are placed onto the selected ace and the other three vanish, only to reappear on the selected ace
•Through 3 Three ordinary coins penetrate a table one at a time before making the journey once again as a group-simple, practical and designed for the real world
•Thief of Hearts The very heart of a selected card magically travels from one spectator's hand to another, leaving the couple with a romantic memento
•Gone Wishin' Three coins materialize from an empty purse then vanish again only to be found where they seemingly didn't come from!
•Fl-ash A piece of "magic paper" reveals a chosen card when ignited on the back of a Joker, then the Joker transforms into the selected card!
•Hovercraft Any borrowed deck of cards defies gravity right under the audience's nose
•The Back Four Four aces are lost in four different parts of the deck before being found again, each in a different manner.
•A New Wave Three coins completely vanish from the right hand only to reappear in the left hand
•Punch Too The magician sets out to ruin his own trick, but then corrects everything with just a snap of the fingers
•Box-witch A new move with countless possibilities for the card magician
•Blin-Pen A piece is torn off from a spectator's bill and vanished, only to reappear inside the pen itself



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