50 Modern Card Tricks You Can Do by Glenn Gravatt (Used 1977 2nd Printing)

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Gravatt, Glenn: 50 Modern Card Tricks You Can Do!
©1977 2nd Printing Glenn Gravatt, Magic Limited, Lloyd-Jones
Paper, perfect bound,50 pages
Previous owner's name and address written on the title page.
1 Introduction
5 Ambitious Card No Sleight Method
6 The Professor's Card Trick
7 Cards and Dice
8 Kosky's Automatic Placement
9 Marlo's Automatic Placement
10 Mathematical Card Trick
11 Mathematical Card Trick No. 2
12 Add a Pair
12 Perfect Force
13 Numerology
14 Think of Any Card
15 Easy Follow the Leader No Sleights
16 No Questions Asked
17 Deckspert
18 Congregation of the Aces No Sleights
19 The Sixth Card
20 Find Your Own Card
21 Australian Aces
22 New Australian Deal
23 The Perfect Self Working Discovery
24 Contrived Coincidence
25 Contrived Coincidence No. 2
26 Adding the Digits
27 Berg's Revelation
28 Divining the Number of Cards In Pocket
29 Combination of Chosen Card and Cards In Pocket
30 Matching Cards by Numerology
31 X-Ray Eyes
32 Back In Place
33 Perfect Location
34 Impromptu Card to Pocket No Sleights
35 Impromptu Out of This World
36 Gravatt Miracle Card Trick
37 Davenport Extraordinary Divination
38 Faces Up and Faces Down
38 Improved Clock
39 Matching Card for Card
39 Perplexity
40 Impromptu Prediction
40 Divination Supreme
42 Curious Bridge Hand
43 Transposition in Reverse
44 Out of the Room
46 Fantastic Revelation
47 Two Minds But With a Single Thought
47 Two Card Discovery
48 Gravatt's Detective Card



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