A.F.A. Clip Board by Haim Goldenberg - Trick

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The Clipboard it self is a very regular and simple black and very thin board, which gives it a very innocent look. It is standard letter size. Actually it is a modified regular clipboard with a small but very significant addition. The AFA Clipboard is very easy to operate, you can use it any time and in any situation; it is excellent for "reading" any thought or information, like pictures, words, numbers or anything else that comes into your mind. One of its biggest advantages is that you can get information live on stage in front of the audience with it and that very easily. You can also work with it before the show and get information from up to 4 people simultaneously. It can be used foe countless routines, and I'm sure that in the moment you'll get it, you'll want to use it for all your usual "reading" routines. And the AFA Clipboard will help you to improve them even more - for sure. And last but not least, no need for feelers or special materials (maybe to change the feeler of the marker once in a blue moon -which will take you seconds). As said the AFA Clipboard is practical, easy and quick to use, convenient, impromptu able and absolutely innocent looking - you have it today I guarantee you'll never leave the house without it.



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