A Faker's Dozen by David Goodsell

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We picked up David's latest set of lecture notes at the SAM convention. The 13 items David explains here use cards, ropes, a dice (the notes show you how to make the necessary gimmicked dice), a ball on a rope, Bob Neale's parabox, books, the Buddha papers and more. In each case David has added an interesting presentation along with other ideas. For example in the Buddha papers routine, the routine is used to give a birthday child a nice little gift. Additionally, the method has been modified to automatically take care of the "tricky" part of the handling. In another trick, a Harry Potter angle is used for an old trick in which a ball is removed from a rope after having been knotted onto the rope. Other tricks include using the Bermuda Triangle to vanish a silk, Houdini's Metamorphosis with a cards and a box, restoring a cut rope by magically removing a big knot from it, and more.



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