ABC Stung

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The effect has everything. Action! Color! Excitement! Participation! And, it's easy to pack, set and perform. Great for kids of all ages!!It's the classic Stung effect, but with an easy to follow plot and a STING at the end!Three large (8" x 10") cards are freely shown. The cards are black with brilliant day-glo letters. A bright red letter A; a flame yellow letter B; and a vivid green letter C.The three cards go into a paper folder. Two of the cards are removed - the A and the C. What's left? The B of course. After lots of comedy by-play, you show that indeed it is a B. A large yellow and black Bumble Bee!Turn it around? After lots of screaming and shouting, you show the kids what happens when you play with B's. Turn the card around and the word STUNG comes into view! What a finish!!The cards are bold and bright; they can be seen anywhere, even from the back of the largest hall. The method used is tried and tested. Nothing new to learn; nothing to worry about.There's loads of audience participation; tons of shouting. The cards are absolutely beautiful. Silk screened in bright colors, then fully laminated with clear plastic so they can be wiped with a damp cloth and never show finger-marks or stains. A truly deluxe outfit. One of the best kids tricks ever!



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