Allan Hayden's Fancy Ring Routine (Used 1983 1st edition)

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Some say that Allan Hayden’s Fancy Ring Routine may very well be the best ring routine in the world. But don't ask Allan, he'll just deny it. Of course, he wants to keep it all to himself. Watching the ring routine can be a very serious experience. There are many magicians who give this effect a lot of class. The Fancy Ring Routine is an exception. It is funny, baffling and allows you to interact with the audience, which makes it fun for them as well. The book is professionally written and well illustrated, which makes it easy to follow. The routine utilizes five rings--one key, two singles and a chain of two. Included is the complete patter for the routine.



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Reviewing: Allan Hayden's Fancy Ring Routine (Used 1983 1st edition)

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