AM/PM by Jonathan Price and Alex Pandrea - DVD

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Jonathan Price and Alex Pandrea are two of New York's greatest underground magicians. In AM/PM they show you what real magic looks like, with 10 incredible original effects developed with real-world venues in mind. Alex and Jon use everyday props such as cards, money, sugar packets, pens, and matches to achieve stunning results.AM/PM provides you with an arsenal of jaw-dropping magic. A mix of fully-routined magic and quick visual effects gives you the tools you need to perform successfully in any kind of venue.Join Alex and Jonathan as they hit the streets of New York City to perform their hard-hitting magic in front of live audiences. Then follow them into the studio, where they provide detailed teaching using multiple camera angles.10 Stunning RoutinesOn-the-Street PerformancesStudio-Filmed ExplanationsFilmed in High DefinitionDolby Digital SoundHilarious OuttakesRegion-FreeFilmed in high-definition by the New York Magic Project, AM/PM helps you to learn great magic quickly, so you can amaze your audiences as soon as possible.Contents1. LocalAn empty matchbox becomes full in your spectator's hands. They can examine and keep the box and matches!2. Between the BackpalmsA spectator's selected card vanishes from the deck and instantly reappears sandwiched between the magician's and spectator's empty hands.3. 4OURA quick, visual, and surprising production of four cards, using a new two-card flourish.4. The Coin MintA borrowed, signed quarter is transformed into a listerine strip. The quarter is then found inside the listerine pack!5. PapermateA multi-phase pen routine with a kicker ending that they'll never see coming!6. AKT IAn instant transposition of two four-of-a-kinds.7. The Domino EffectA unique take on the "Copper/Silver" plot. A pink sugar packet and a white sugar packet magically switch places between the magician's hand and a spectator's hand.8. Cash BackAfter the magician fails to find a selected card, he puts his money on the line in order to prevail.9. ArsonA lighter vanishes into the deck to reveal a card, only to pop back out of the card again.10. Under and OutA selected card vanishes from under the spectator's hand under truly impossible conditions.Running Time Approximately 2hr 40min



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