Antique Razor Illusion by Dave Powell - Trick

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EffectThe "Antique Razor Blade Illusion" is a brand new method for performing an amazing effect that will baffle equally well in a parlor or stage situation. The Solid Oak Dislpay Stand is reminiscent of the furniture and fixture designs of the early 1920's. One at a time, both sides of six double edge razor blades are proven sharp by slicing through a sheet of paper. Each blade is placed in the center of a small easel attached to the stand but always in full view of the audience. The magician tears off a yard of thread, and wraps it into a little ball and swallows it. All six blades are then put into the magician's mouth and swallowed. The magician opens his mouth and pulls out the end of the thread. A few inches down the line a razor blade is tied to it! The thread is continued to be pulled out with a blade tied to the line every few inches! Our New Design has a pivoting easel and the blades are controlled by hidden magnets inside the wood. Complete with a Beautiful Solid Oak Stand, Stainless Steel Spool Holder and Knurled Brass Feet. " The blades are held in the frame slot by magnets. " Real double edge blades are not supplied (for legal reasons.) " Done properly, this illusion is 100% safe. Not sold to persons under the age of 18. Dimensions [H]4.5'' x [W]3.25'' x [L]6''



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