Appearing Ladder from Anywhere by Wayne Rogers

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Voted Best Effect at the 25th International New Zealand Magicians Convention, Lower Hutt, Easter 1999. Newly updated in 2010 making it more versatile than before.At any time in your act you can now produce an 8 ft Ladder! Pick the ladder up and walk off with it over your shoulder. It can appear from a briefcase, paper bag, tote bag, shopping bag, magic props or any space wider than 16 1/2 inches.It's absolutely unbelievable! A three dimensional masterpiece you'll enjoy performing. It appears quickly and can be set up quite easily by yourself in minutes. (no extra help needed).The Appearing Ladder comes complete with a carry bag, and includes a special shipping carton. (which can be used to produce it, and can act as a liner , plus a black plastic "tray" divider gimmick which can be installed in a brief case (and has plenty of space for small props as well). Nothing else is required. Do it surrounded.The Appearing Ladder from Anywhere, employs Appearing Pole technology plus some brilliantly simple mechanics to create this amazing sight gag. The Appearing Ladder comes in a standard metallic silver finish. ANY COLOUR can be custom made for no extra charge. Special added feature - Wayne Rogers' Fire Sale Routine.

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