APV Glass by Buma Magic

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The drama of spilled liquid, the mystery of a penetration and the magic of an appearance!

Appears filled with liquid.
Penetrates the table filled with liquid.
Vanishes filled with liquid.
Sets up in seconds.
Totally portable.
Completely examinable.
Can be performed sleeveless.
Most any beverage may fill the glass.
May be performed close-up, parlor, even stage when routined for such.

Shipped completely routined including BUMA's Bonus presentation "UP." Wherein an empty glass is filled with a drink, then covered with a napkin and slowly inverted 180 degrees, not only does the liquid not spill forth, but when the inverted glass is uncovered, it is seen in its original upright position, still filled with a drink. Naturally this may be repeated over and over with the uncovered glass always seen filled and "UP."

Shipped all ready to go for your performance.

Handcrafted in silicone by BUMA for a lifetime of performances.
Limited availability.

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