Artist Classic DVD Volume 1 (Thimbles and Wands) by Lukas

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"Poetic. Artistic. Lukas elevates the art of magic with every card he produces."
- Jeff McBride

"Lukas is one of those rare souls who elevates the art of magic to the level of fine art. Prepare to be inspired!"
- Charlie Frye "His performance is sentimentally full of passion, with his own poetry. Lukas presents something beautiful in visual figure."
- Juliana Chen

Lukas, the 2012 FISM Blackpool 2nd Prize Winner in Manipulation, brings you the most recent volumes of his Artist Project.

The Artist Project, is a series of DVD sets that introduce you to the vast compilation of the Korean manipulator Lukas' works. Lukas has been performing and teaching magic in South Korea for almost 10 years, and has produced many successful professional magicians. You will see him perform, and teach his stylish modern stage magic, especially in the field of manipulation. They are all non-verbal lectures, teaching you the most basic skills to the truly magical techniques.

Artist Classic is Lukas' presentations on classic magic props such as appearing/vanishing canes, appearing/vanishing candles, thimbles, wands and silks.

Artist Classic Vol.1 is about Thimbles and Wands, and Artist Classic Vol.2 is about Canes and Candles. Artist Classic revisits existing techniques and classic tricks, and moves on to teach stylish variations and routines by Lukas. From a wide collection of basic to world class visual techniques, you will be able to learn how to express magic on stage and create your own routine from theories

Unlike the past Artist DVDs, Artist Classic has English subtitles built in on the video, along with a booklet that tells you how to view the DVD and how to learn more from the myriad of techniques, sequences and routines. Also, Artist Classic deals more about how to steal, how to set up, and includes many tips and props that will help you along your way.

Selling Points

Basic to world class techniques, sequences and routines on classic props including appearing/vanishing canes, appearing/vanishing candles, wands, thimbles, and silks
Tips and advices given in English along with non-verbal explanation for global audiences
Booklet to suggest how to learn stage magic from this DVD and further steps
Elegant modern stage magic with famous, classic props
Artist: Classic 1 Thimble & Wand
Includes booklet in English.
Thimble - Karate Thimbles, Interlocking Fingers, Thimble Black Art, Thimble Sleeving, Thimble Count, Thimble Sequence with Confetti, Thimble Thumb Palm Vanish, Lukas Crafts Thimble Holder, Wilson Palm Vanish, Color Change Sequence, Thimble in Card, Thimble and Cane Routine (Very creative and unique thinking), Thimble to Bow Tie, Basic Four Sequence, Basic Thimble and Silk Routine, Basic Color Change, Confetti Holders, Stealing from Sleeve, Silk Holders, Basic Eight Thimble Sequence, Flash Eight Sequence, Offbeat Thimble, Yo Kato's Sequence, One Thimble Sequence, Permissions, Producing Thimbles from Balloon, Stealing from Card Case, Count Vanish, Color 8 Thimble Sequence 1,2,3 , Stealing from Table, Tenyo Thimbles, Four Thimble Sequence 1,2 , Stealing from Pocket, Flash Four Thimble Sequence

Wand - Wand Flourishes, Flipstick Vanish, Finger Vanish, Slow Flipstick Vanish, Step Vanish, Body Production, Snap Production, Thumb Push Production, Wand Sequence, Offbeat Wand, Zombie Wand Production, Color Changes, Wand to Silk 1,2 , Wand, Ball and Silk, Wand to Thimble 1,2,3 , Lukas Craft Wand, How to use the S5 Wand Holder, The S5 Wand Holder, Triple Wand Sequence, Stealing Wand from Sleeve, Stealing Wand from Body, Thimble from Wand

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