Bavli Bending A-1- #2, DVD

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 Not since Uri Geller has Israel produced such a dynamic performer! Guy Bavli is Israel's hottest magician, specializing in Mentalism and Metal Bending. Guy is a full- time professional, constantly performing on television both in the United States and abroad. Guy is also a three-time winner of the Israeli Gold Cup Award for "Best Magician."On this three-volume set of videos, Guy reveals for the first time effects that have made him the most sought-after performer in his country!Effects Performed and Explained:Incredibly Clean - An easy mental masterpiece with cards!Question Mark Mystery - A matching pair of cards is located by a spectator using only the power of the mind!Fan Vision - A thought-of card, the performer names it!The Perfect Prediction - The ultimate book test, near- impossible conditions!Impromptu Card Stab - A card is selected and lost; cards are tossed into the air and the selection is impaled on a knife!The Perfect Clipboard - Guy's ultimate routine for the popular marketed clipboards. Just like real mindreading! 



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