Bee Cards (Traditional Cut, Red Back) by Richard Turner - Trick

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New for the Professional Card Mechanic: "Traditionally Cut" Bee Cards Richard followed the casino dictate by ensuring that his Bee Cards were manufactured using a traditional cut. Unlike most cards, the cutting punch used in "traditional cut" cards starts at the card face and punches through to the back. As a result, a sharp edge is created on the backside of each card and a rounded edge, which facilitates easier card shuffling, is formed on the card's face. Traditionally cut cards ensure that card men and magicians can easily interlace the cards to produce crisp, clean shuffles, especially with some of the more intricate shuffling techniques like the one-hand shuffle and the faro shuffles. Traditionally cut cards were the norm until about 15 years ago when they flipped the card sheets causing the blade to start the cut through the back, which makes for a non user friendly deck where they bind or jam when trying to faro or do a one-hand shuffle. If you want cards that faro like butter a traditional cut deck is what you need.



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