BEKOS: Best Ever Knots Off Silk by McBride Magic

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You take a silk and tie a knot in it… then slide the knot off the silk. This can be repeated again and again! At the end the silk is shown to have 3 large holes in it! Surefire laughs! You can even have an audience member help tie the knot and even slide it off the silk.

This effect comes with very detailed printed instructional as well as a private link video that will teach you the finer points as only Jeff can do – and do so well. Jeff incorporates various approaches and teaches the effect is at a very good pace. Add it all together and you have the finest quality version of this effect ever produced on all fronts.
Great for audience participation
Easy to perform
Resets quickly
Can be performed for parlor or stage
24″ Silk Version – for better visibility
Comes with access to a private video teach in from the Master himself! We just watched it – it’s fantastic!

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