Bernstein Center Tear Technique

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Imagine a technique that is totally impromptu, can be done surrounded with borrowed materials, and no evidence of trickery can be found.Imagine having someone print any piece of information on a borrowed slip of paper, which is then folded and torn to shreds. Yet you can instantly announce just what the information was. Before you jump to conclusions, think about this: Your hands are totally empty at all times both before and after you tear up the slip. You have no stolen, palmed or switched papers to be read by you on the sly. Never do you make any unusual tears or moves which seem illogical or out of place. If someone examines the torn up slip, it is all there, including the part on which the information was written. No umbrella moves or unusual folding of the slip required. No switches or extra paper involved. No forces of any kind. Confederates are not used. No impression devices of any kind are involved. Best of all, this technique is sure and simple in execution, totally deceptive, done with almost any reasonably sized or type of paper. No previous method has been so clean, easy to do, so totally natural. Then how is this miracle accomplished? Perhaps second sight, telepathy, precognition, or some other such sixth sense? No, but it sure looks that way to all watching you. 18 large size, carefully detailed pages with sixteen large clear drawings cover the instruction for this clever method. It is just like personal instruction.



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