Bernstein on Number Predictions

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As the title says, this is an overview of the subject, impromptu and otherwise. For the really sincere mentalism worker, a carefully worked out Mss. on the subject. Several spectators are asked to choose numbers at random, which are then added together in a totally random manner. Yet in spite of the fact that the mentalist could have no idea what numbers would be chosen, and couldn't control what order they would be added up in, when his prediction is shown, it is seen that he was somehow able to predict the exact total! From the early methods of accomplishing this miracle, to the most recent contributions, the number prediction has proved to be an effect with great appeal, both to audiences and to performers alike. This booklet will give you a survey of the methods needed to accomplish this miracle, without resorting to fancy looking props or sleight of hand, and includes what Mr. Bernstein believes to be his final, and finest contribution to one of the classic of mentalism, The Number Prediction.



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