Best Tricks and How to do Them by David Devant (Used 1931 1st edition)

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This is an original 1931 1st edition of this Devant book complete with original dustjacket. Dustjacket has some rips and tears but overall a very good copy of this book.
1931 edition
126 pages

Devant explains dozens of stage magic effects, including the Miser's Dream, Billiard Balls, Twentieth Century Silks, the Die Box, and many other classics.

1. Coin Tricks
The Travelling Coins
The Cap and Pence
An Impossible Trick
A Coin and a Ball
A Coin and a Nest of Boxes
The Miser's Dream

2. Tricks with Balls
The Billiard Balls
A Ball and a Handkerchief
A Handkerchief Changed into a Ball
The Patriotic Balls

3. Card Tricks
Simple Thought-Reading
Invisible Flight
Three Celebrities
The Card and the Cigarette

4. Miscellaneous Tricks
The Clock
The Sliding Die Box

5. Miscellaneous Tricks (continued)
A Strip of Paper
The Drying Machine
A Chinese Transparency
The Japanese Box
The Mysterious Ring
The 20th Century Trick
The Dyed Handkerchiefs

6. A Feat of Memory

7. Laying the Ghost



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