Bewitched Disc Magic Effects

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An Amazing Succession of Impossible ChangesThe magician removes a small, clear plastic disc from a drawstring bag which has large, bright red spots on both sides. After clearly showing the disc on both sides, he covers it for a moment with his empty hand and the two red spots change to green and he immediately shows both hands empty!Again the disc is briefly covered and the green spots have now changed to yellow! Now, instead of covering the disc, the magician simply taps one side with the very end of his finger and one of the spots changes back to green! The performer then places the disc into his left hand, clearly showing the green side on top before closing his hand. When he opens his hand, the yellow side is up! Closing his hand again, the performer asks the audience which color is up now and no matter what their response, he opens his hand to reveal the disc now has a black spot on top!The performer offers to perform the effect one last time and closes his fist around the disc. When he opens his hand the disc has completely vanished, only to reappear back inside the small bag on the table!The disc is again tapped with the end of one finger and both spots change to white! The performer then places the disc onto the table for examination by the audience, but the only thing they discover is a large, gold question mark on one of the spots!Comes complete with the necessary gimmicks, drawstring bag and detailed instructions.



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