Bionic Coin by Magicshop - DVD

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Transform the mark on a coin by just one touch - no exchange! EffectBorrow a coin from a spectator. Now let the spectator draw a picture on the coin or do it yourself with a marker. Take the coin and show it clearly, show your hands completely empty. Then you wave your hands over the coin and change the mark on the coin by just one touch in a blink of an eye (no exchange!). The coin can be immediately handed out to your spectators for thorough examination, and as an astonishing keepsake. The DVD will teach you how you can get the most out of this fantastic new principle! You'll learn 17 different effects and handlings. You will learn how to:Make a mark vanish completely from a coin Transform a picture into another picture Make a prediction appear on an empty shown coin Penetrate a mark from on side to the other side of the coin and much more.Easy to learn! Very visual! A guaranteed jaw dropper! The DVD is without dialogue - just a funky sound. Subtitles can be selected in English and German. Running Time Approximately 45min



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