Blind Sight by Kreis Magic - Trick

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Effect 1Three poker chips ($10, $50, $100) are placed face down on a table. A spectator freely switches position of the poker chips, and then puts one of them into the brass box without seeing the value on the chip face and puts the lid on. Now two chips are left on the table. The spectator is asked to hold the higher value poker chip in the right hand, and the lower value one in the left hand. Then the performer tells the value of each poker chip in the spectator's hands and in the box!Effect 2Three envelopes are displayed. Each envelope contains several coins as follows:1st envelope: $1 coin x 3 2nd envelope: 5 cent coin x 5 3rd envelope: 1 cent coin x 8All envelopes are about the same weight. A spectator freely selects an envelope, and puts al the coins from the envelope into the box. And then closes it with the lid and puts it in the envelope. Now two envelopes are left. The spectator holds the envelope with the higher value coins in the right hand and the envelope with the lower value coins in the left hand. The performer receives the envelope that contains the brass box. Without opening the envelopes, he can tell the value of the coins in the box, the right hand and the left hand!Comes complete with brass box, 3 poker chips and detailed instructions sheet in English and Japanese languages.



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