Blockbuster (Includes DVD) by Larry Becker and Lee Earle - Trick

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The Memo Card Wallet that does it all! You begin by asking three or four persons each to write triple-digit numbers on a 3x5 inch file card in an elegant leather, quality memo wallet. A final person adds the column of numbers and is then asked to open a sealed envelope given to him before the show. Inside is another index card, predicting that the total will match his birth year - and admits it does! You go on to reveal not only his proper astrology symbol, but also his full birth month and day! But wait, there's more! You can play a game of "word linking" with a participant, in which he visualizes an object that he associates with a singe word that exists only in his mind. He writes nothing down but merely imagines holding a tiny model of that object, hidden in his cupped hands. When he allows you to peek inside, you describe his imaginary item perfectly! Hold on! There is yet another presentation! Audience members enter random letters in a 5x5 grid (pre-drawn on the file card) and pass the wallet and pen along fro other participants to do the same. When the grid is filled, the next participant plays " word search, " scanning the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines of letters to circle any combination of letters that form a word. He imagines that word - you reveal it! Hold on! We're still not through! As a bonus, you get a diabolic secret gimmick (some dealers sell similar items for upwards of $30 or more!) that will allow you to do miracles with only seconds of pre-show time invested. Blockbuster can also be used to provide a killer crib-sheet for psuedo-graphology "analysis," book tests with unprepared books, and MCs - as well as a utility wallet for countless other applications.



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