Bob Wagner Master Notebook of Magic

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Bob Wagner's Master Notebook of Magic - Bob Wagner - A lifetime of magic between two covers! Close-up magic, stand up magic, sit down magic, funny magic, serious magic. No matter what type of magic you like, you will find something in this book that you will use!Contents include 7 The Hard Way, the spot card effect in the shape of a die; Let's Make A Deal Dollar Bill in Lemon, in which you trade a dollar bill for the contents of a locked box. His bill is burned, then found inside a lemon inside the locked box!; Fast Draw Card Index; Curse of the Invisible Flying Card, an amazing card and silk in balloon routine; Cut & Restored, in which a piece of rope is placed inside a folded magazine page. The paper and rope are cut in two. The halves are brought together and both rope and magazine end up restored.Plus Houdini Seance; 3 Cup Monte; Slow Motion Card Through Handkerchief; Track Record Revised; Game of Darts; Knot Tying Demonstration; Untouchable; Tic-Tac-Toe for Two; Animal Trainer; One Chance in 720; Bang Rope; Texas Poker; and more and more and more! 192 hand lettered pages; Hardbound;



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