Book of Treasure by Ken Scott - Trick

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The Coloring Book Enters the 21st Century!You flip through a book titled "The Treasure Map to the Libraries," showing a picture of a large treasure chest on each page, explaining that "The library is like a treasure chest." Next you ask the audience, "What kind of treasure you might find in the library?" When they respond "Books!" you flip through the book again. But this time the pictures have changed to books! "That's right," you say. "Books are the treasure we find in the library." You further explain that "The true treasure is the knowledge that we gain from reading the books. And the best part is it's available to everyone!" As you say this last line you begin to flip through the book again, this time showing treasure chests opened up and full of treasure.And now for the finale: You now fold the book in half (lengthwise) and have the audience recite the magic words, "Reading is Magic!" As the magic words are said, you pour from the folded book a supply of golden coins!



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