Book Without A Name by Annemann, Original 1931 1st edition

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This is an original 1931 hardbound first edition of the Annemann Book Without a Name. Published by Max Holden in New York, this book is in very good condition.The Book Without a Name was the only hardcover book Annemann published during his lifetime. Al Baker was so impressed by the originality of the content that he not only wrote the "Introduction" for the book, he also posed for several of the photos along with Annemann and magic dealer/publisher, Max Holden. Over two dozen effects are explained, including Annemann's original handling for "Seven Keys to Baldpate." Other noteworthy material includes: The One Man 'Genuine' Magazine Test (which is as practical and workable today as when Annemann first published it), The Gambler in Person and "Back Again" - a poker routine and follow-up where you stack the deck on the fly (ingenious and simple, as you would expect), The Genii Cut Deck Location, The Really New Locator Card, The Improved Magic Square Presentation, and more 



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