Braco's Floating Glass-Sphere by Trick Production - Trick

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EffectA large transparent 6.3" (16 cm) ball is seen resting on an elegant stand. The magician slowly pulls the stand to the side, and the ball remains suspended in space. Now a large ring is shown, it is held in front of the ball and turned around its own axis three times, even while the ball is floating inside. Then the ball starts to float upwards, then several feet (meters) away to the side. You take a few steps back and forth, while the ball is levitating in midair at one side of the stage .The transparent sphere then floats to the other side of the stage, then comes back to the middle of it. For a grand finale the ball is then rising up again and levitates back into the waiting hands of the magician, who takes his bowl The routine is constructed to avoid the usual repetitious choreography that one sees so often in such levitation effects. All phases are clear, precise and build up to a beautiful and graceful finale. Due to the special levitation technique, you will find other combinations of movement to suit your own personal act. SOME POINTS TO REMEMBER:- A large and completely transparent ball floats into any direction!- The handling of the ring is a very clever one, proving there is nothing attached to the ball.- The floating ball can stand still and/or (!) move into different directions while you move on stage. Braco's Floating Glass-Sphere utilizes a certain type of thread management and is one of the most beautiful and mystifying floating routines in the history of magic. lt is suitable for small and large stages. A first-class levitation good enough even for the stage in Las Vegas, as well as television! We supply you with the very special transparent 6.3" (16 cm) ball, fully illustrated detailed manuscript and special gimmick. You need to make an extra purchase at your local hardware store to complete the set-up.



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