Bug Magic E-Book and Art Files by Jim Kleefeld

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Do you want to present a strong educational program about science, insects and reading? You can get started right now with Jim Kleefeld's Bug Magic.A great e-book filled with two dozen great new tricks, routines & ideas for magic with an insect theme.* Helpers magically choose a bug book and a bug puppet that match! * Ants tunnel out a prediction message! * Bees fly out of the hive with a volunteer's selected flower! * A Tarantula magically finds its missing mate! * Bees and a jar of honey are produced from an empty hive! * Invisible fireflies are collected and turned into a light bulb! * A silkworm magically fills his home with yards of silk! * Butterflies appear in an empty net! * Earthworms grow and shrink in size! * plus more, more, more!In addition to the 48-page pdf book on CD, you'll get * Complete directions on how to make numerous insect tricks. * Over 75 original pieces of artwork to create your own tricks. * Over 80 large royalty-free insect photos. * Over 15 nifty bug and insect fonts. * Several bug fact sheets. * Four pages of bug jokes and gags. * Resources for bug magic tricks, bug puppets, & bug props. * Huge fiction and non-fiction bug bibliographies. Trick, Resource & Idea CD with Art Files. $40.



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