Burn Notice by Chris Wiehl

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Burn Notice is a unique principle that allows you to reveal what a spectator is thinking with simple, everyday items. Your spectator thinks of a playing card, an object, or anything else. You pull a receipt out of your wallet, touch it to the flame of a lighter, and the spectator's thought instantly appears on the receipt! The receipt can be given out as a memorable souvenir!

On the Burn Notice DVD, Christopher Wiehl teaches you how to prepare any ordinary receipt so that you're ready to perform at a moment's notice.

The DVD also includes a bonus PDF file with a specially-designed receipt that you can print at home in order to perform additional effects. These effects can either be done as a lead-up to Burn Notice, or performed on their own. Burn Notice is practical, visual, and easy-to-do. You'll never leave home without it!
2-Part DVD
Over 15 Effects Possible
Over 30 Minutes of Instruction
Insanely Visual
Ultra Practical and Versatile
Props and PDF File Included
Running Time Approximately: 39min


"The revelation itself is a good one that quickly and boldly appears...So if you are intrigued by the visual revelation of "Burn Notice," you may like this one."
Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 5/30/2012

"The organic nature of this as well as the nearly infinite potential makes this one a solid highly recommended product...5 Stars with a Stone Status of GEM! "
Jeff Stone, MagicReviewed.com 5/30/2012

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