Caller I.D. by Larry Becker and Lee Earle - Trick

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A breathtaking NEW CONCEPT from the minds of Larry Becker and Lee Earle.A different type of telephone book routine.Two years in development and worth the wait!What would make the perfect telephone routine?Since the vast majority of your mentalism presentations are for corporations or at the very least for people who work - everyone is familiar with business cards. And, everyone has seen multi-page business card organizers in office supply stores. Chances are you have one on your desk right now! It's the perfect solution for keeping all of your contacts in one neat, organized area. Now, it's the perfect solution for the perfect telephone routine that kills audiences and eliminates any and all suspicion. In a nut shell, Caller I.D. sets you apart from anything else out there! Don't be like every other mentalist who pulls out a phone book from the hotel room. Been there, done that! They've all seen that one. Toss out a collection of business cards and use anyone's phone? Now that's different! Want to be unique? Get Caller I.D.Caller I.D. comes with a quality Day-runner-style zippered binder, the pages to hold more than six dozen professionally designed and printed business cards, pen, calculator,full DVD instructions and awesome 'secret something' that makes it possible.You supply the pad and audience - they supply the standing oavation!NOTE: Because Caller I.D. uses U.S. phone technology; this product is not recommended for use outside of the U.S. and Canada.



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