Candle-Abra by Kostya Kimlat

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Candle-Abra will light up a magical memory that your audiences will cherish forever!Powerfully reveal a spectator's wish, a date, or anything else...And create a visual experience of pure astonishment!Inside you'll discover the touches and techniques for a magical and mental miracle that will transform your performances.The presentational possibilities are endless, the potential is unlimited, and your audience's applause will be deafening!What's the best trick for Halloween?The one that sends chills down their spine!How about this year contacting the spirits and scaring the candy out of your entire audience? For Halloween, "Candle-Abra" is my favorite Dead or Alive test!Imagine this: A spectator is asked to write down the name of someone who has passed away. Then they write four other names of people who are living. Since Halloween is the "birthday of the spirits" an attempt will be made to contact the person who has "passed on." The papers with the names are mixed up and placed onto the table. Five candles are lit and each one is attached to each paper. The room is dark, except for the candle-light. The spectator takes a deep breath and blows out all of the candles. After a few quiet moments, one candle suddenly relights! And it is attached to the paper with the name of the dead person!People will run out of the room screaming!This has been a show-stopping piece for me over the last few years and I ALWAYS perform it on halloween. This year I want to share it with you so you can scare YOUR audiences.All you need is some secret knowledge of a few particular methods. The booklet offer several so you can borrow a piece of paper and a pencil and do this impromptu! You'll also need some of those simple birthday candles which are available at most Party-Stores and even Grocery-Stores. !



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