Canoodle Marketing for Performers 5 CD Set by Steve Taylor

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Canoodle Marketing for Performers
Seven Secrets Of Turning One-Time Customers Into Life-Long Clients! “Possibly The Last Marketing Resource You Will EverNeed!”
Imagine…· Not worrying about whether or not you can pay your bills· Not being concerned about where your next show is coming from· Not worrying about how you’re going to afford to put your kids through college· Not having to take every show that comes along· Taking your dream vacation without concern for cost· Owning everything you want to own, and more· Becoming competition-proof· Your parents bragging to their friends about what you do for a living· Clients meeting you at your car and hugging you· Not making your spouse go out and get a job (AND your spouse not making YOU go out and get a “real” job!) Take your business to the next plateau of success and enjoy unbridled peace of mind knowing you are set financially. Join Master Marketer STEVE TAYLOR as he uses his thirty-five plus years of self-marketing experience to show you how you can increase your business FIVE-FOLD without spending any more time or money. Over six hours of marketing instruction on five audio CD’s; advice and practical principles that you will use to take the guesswork out of your marketing, increase your high-paying bookings and enjoy life like you were meant to! It’s all here in Canoodle Marketing! Highlights of the many topics that Steve covers;· The Psychology of Successfully Selling Yourself· Five Ways “Canoodling” is Different from All Other Marketing Programs· Five Character Qualities of a Canoodler· Understanding Your Client’s Cravings· Power of First Contacts· Ten Ways of Effectively Courting Your Clients· Using Your Client’s Emotional Commitment Pyramid To Your Advantage· Cultivating Your Clients For Life· Eight Ways To Turn Customer Crisis Into Cash· Why and How Emotional Copywriting Works Big!· How Charging More Actually Gets You More Business· Using Objections To Your Advantage· Power and Profit of Packaging· How Three Little Pieces of Paper Equal Huge Profits· Plus Much, Much, More! If you are ready to break free from the burden of marketing and have it start working FOR you instead of AGAINST you, then Steve Taylor’s BRAND NEW “Canoodle Marketing” is for you! Don’t worry, Canoodle Marketing is NOT about cold calling, shotgun mailings or performing a zillion small-paying shows. It IS about increasing the quality of your clients and working smarter, not harder! It’s about taking your marketing to the next level of success, to start making a comfortable LIVING from your performing. If you’re thinking, “I’ve bought the other guy’s programs, I don’t need this,” realize that Canoodle Marketing is unlike anything already on the magic market. It is an original process developed personally by Steve Taylor over 35 years of self-booking and self- promotion. Most marketing programs end when you’ve booked the first show, but Canoodle Marketing is about turning that first time customer into a life-long client…and ultimately a life-long friend. One of the hardest things to do is to get that first show, one of the easiest is to get the second and third. Canoodle Marketing tells you exactly how to turn one show into a life-long stream of income. It focuses on your clients, on uplifting them and making them feel good about booking you over and over again. Timeless principles that work no matter what venue you are booking; birthday parties, daycares, libraries, schools, corporations, etc. Have you ever noticed that most marketing programs being advertised are from people you’ve never heard of? Canoodle Marketing is from trusted kid-show entertainer, authority, author and marketing consultant to the pros, Steve Taylor (creator of the Komedy Kidshow Klinic, the Creative Kidshow Conference, co-author of Creative Kid Talk, the Family Fun Forum in M.U.M. Magazine, the Komedy Kid-Show Kassettes and inventor of dozens of classic kidshow effects). In over six hours on five audio CD’s, Steve reveals the TRUE secrets that show you how to honestly spend less time and money on your marketing and still increase your business, secrets that Steve has used to book his calendar full for over 35 years! Steve’s putting his knowledge, experience and success to work for you.
Canoodle Marketing will pay for itself with ONE additional booking, don’t ask yourself “Can I afford to buy them?,” ask yourself, “Can I afford NOT to buy them?”
When the performing pros need marketing help, who do they turn to? Steve Taylor! "…a MUST OWN for every serious entertainer. I highly recommend Canoodle Marketing…" Barry Mitchell, Creative Kidshow Magician & Author “…a superb job…it's the best thing I've ever done to promote my shows…I am getting more shows than ever!” David Ginn, Magician/Author/Lecturer “First: Let me just say that your new marketing course is a must have! Through the years I have purchased many marketing courses…as I strongly believe that you can always learn something from everyone. The problem however, with almost every course, is that they cover the same thing, the same thing, the same thing. Your course goes where no-one else dares to to really book the shows and keep the customers coming back. “In my 20 years in the entertainment business (8 years full time), I thought I had uncovered almost everything there was to know about keeping myself booked crazy and so far I've done a good job of it. However, I now must confess that you've shared ideas and suggestions that have never crossed my mind. Looking back over the years and the amount of money I've spent on conventions, conferences and courses, I would have to say that the $297.00 price for Canoodle has been my best investment. I've already listened to the course twice in the last 2 days and have a million thoughts and ideas running through my head. Without a doubt, 2006 will be my best year ever thanks to the course. Thanks for holding nothing back and offering a course that is totally different from others. I hope you sell a million. Wait a minute...NO I DON'T because I don't want others knowing the secrets of success that you have shared.” Todd McKinney,, Hewitt, TX “It's been about 6 months or more since I bought the Canoodle course from you and I hate to tell you this but it is not working as well as you claim it will. It's working better! I've already got several clients who have booked me on the spot for next year simply because of my change of attitude. Your ideas and suggestions are beyond explanation!” An update from Todd McKinney,, Hewitt, TX “…all I can say is WOW! What a great philosophy—what great ideas! Every working pro should have a set of these CDs, and you may quote me on that! THANK YOU!” Rick Morse, Michigan One additional booking will pay for the whole thing! So, if you’re finally ready to stop struggling and change your life, this investment in your future is only $297.00 and worth every penny! Guaranteed!



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