Card Conspiracy Volume One by Peter Duffie

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"In this book you will find twin thoughts smoothly blended to produce an outstanding collection of card material. All types of card magic are covered in a subtle and elegant manner, and without the use of knuckle breaking sleights. I recommend this book highly!"--Roy Walton. "If you want R&D with card tricks, try Robertson and Duffie. Three years late, two top thinkers, one great book. Your audiences won't have a theory about this conspiracy."--Steve Beam. "Peter Duffie has been blessed with the talent to create fresh ideas and apply them to new and practical effects. On the other hand, he can take an old effect and add a new twist to it, thereby making the climax of the effect stronger. Combine this talent with that of Robin Robertson, and I'm envious of the results."--Gene Maze. "Peter Duffie is one of the world's most skillful and creative cardmen. Card Conspiracy, his latest book, co-authored with Robin Robertson, offers a wide variety of card magic that will no doubt appeal to all card workers, whatever their tastes."--Harvey Rosenthal. "Peter and Robin are serious students of card magic. Their separate work is great, this work together is incredible. GREAT material, refreshing, and usable."--Aldo Colombini. To quote Roy Walton, it is an outstanding collectionyour applications of the CATO principle are excellent and would have made a stand-alone msI've recommended Card Conspiracy to a number of magicians.--Karl Fulves. Here's what those in the know said about Vol. 1: If to play with new ideas, to work out new handlings, and to fiddle and fuss with the myriad of sleights that make up card magic,'re going to love Card Conspiracy 1...I know that purchasers of CC1 will be chomping at the bit waiting for the second one.--Mike Close (MAGIC).



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