Card Finesse II by Jon Racherbaumer (1992 1st edition)

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This out of print book is an original 1992 first edition complete with original dusjacket and in excellent condition.
This book picks up and adds to the original Racherbaumer Card Finesse. Divided into two sections (42 sleights and 18 effects). You will find sleights and moves by Racherbaumer, Miller, Veeser, Stencel, Marlo, Victor, Malini, Leipzig, Nuzzo, and more. Counts, passes, changes, double lifts, controls, palms, cops, forces, add-ons, switches, deals, etc. Effects include contributions by Racherbaumer, Stencel, Marlo, Birnman, Luka, and Mel Brown. For the true card magician who enjoys card technique at a higher level than most, this book will be a welcome addition to your working library.



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