Cards on Parade by Mark Leveridge

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A small leather wallet holder is displayed inside which are the four 7's*, one of each suit.By way of a prediction, one of the 7's has been turned face up and placed second from the top of the pile.A spectator is given a completely free choice of suit. Let's assume he chooses Diamonds. Removing the pile of cards from the wallet, the cards are fanned to reveal that the second card down from the top is face up and it is the 7D!This card is slipped out of the fan and the COMPLETE FACE of the card displayed. To further prove that the performer knew the 7D was going to be chosen, he turns the 7D over to reveal it has a RED BACK, the other three cards having blue backs.And as if that was not enough, the magician then turns the other three cards over to show that the other three 7's were in fact never there in the first place as each card face is COMPLETELY BLANK!Simple to do, no force of suit. Comes with leather wallet, all cards and illustrated instructions.(*The face value of the cards will vary from set to set.)



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