Center Tear Teach-In DVD by Lee Earle

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The Center Tear technique has been a standard with entertainers for years. Yet, many of the methods are either difficult, illogical, or artificial looking.Lee Earle's Center Tear (based on an Al Baker concept) eliminates those problems.No bad angles - even if someone stands directly behind you with his chin on your shoulder!Bad handwriting is not a concern - your logical premise will get them to PRINT clearly, every time.Perfect for working in low lighting because the routine ensures writing will always be clear, bold, and legible.Forget about sneaky moves or complicated handling - you will be amazed at how easy this method is.Extremely deceptive because you begin to reveal details before you ever touch the folded paper!You never look at the paper while you are tearing - a major weakness of most other methods.Nor do you ever go to your pocket, turn away from your audience, or use any other prop, pad, or tablet.Start clean, end clean, and leave 'em with their jaws hanging openRunning Time Approximately 48min



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