Cesaral ESP Calculator by Cesar Alonso (Cesaral Magic) - Trick

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The Magician puts on a table a sealed envelope with a prediction inside. An audience member does his own mathematical sums on the calculator, using any random numbers. The spectator does not show his calculations to anybody, and does not reveal the final number to the magician. When he has finished, the magician gives the prediction to the spectator and reveals that both numbers match!

Many powerful effects can be performed with this calculator.

Important Points

  • The calculator can be fully examined at any time, before and after the effect Self contained.
  • This is the same model of calculator used in "Cesaral Mental Mind calculator"
  • The Magician NEVER touches the calculator after giving it to the spectator.
  • Can be used to transmit information between the Magician and his assistant
  • The receptor can be easily hidden in many places, like a pen.
  • Very nice, slim, and simple calculator design.
  • Easy to do. No sleight of hand; leaving you to concentrate on the presentation!

Note: The transformer included is valid for all the countries of the world, because it can be plugged into networks with 110V to 240V, but may need an additional physical adaptor depending on the country you live in.



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