Cesaral Invisible Key by Cesar Alonso (Cesaral Magic) - Trick

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EffectNow it is possible to control any device or transmit information remotely with the "touch" of a pen Some Incredible Effects This amazing "invisible" prop can accomplished many different magic and mental effects. Here are just a few: You ask an audience member to write a number on a piece of paper, or to pick a card. Later on you are able to reveal the information. You concentrate on a picture frame, and suddenly it moves. Or concentrate on a glass of wine, and it also moves a few centimeters. All fully under your control. A candle accidentally falls forward and burns a bank note or a prediction envelope while you are nowhere near. "Think of any effect in which you need to control, in an invisible way and without assistants, physical devices with precision. You can connect and fully operate 3 vibration devices (included), 4 relays (to control lights or other devices) and 4 servos (one is included). It's easy to create your own miracle effects with the Invisible Key!



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