Chameleon Deck by World Magic Shop - Trick

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A hypnotically visual color changing deck which morphs from Red to Blue backs before your very eyes.A new color changing deck effect which defies belief!Here's just one of the routines included:A deck is shown to contain 52 different blue* backed cards. The spectator selects a card at random, and it's the only red-backed card in the deck. The card is placed on top of the deck, which has just been SHOWN to contain all blue backs, and in a blink the WHOLE deck now has red backs!Using this amazing deck, you can change the color of the backs of the cards IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE with no rough & smooth, no sleights, no funny 'turns' and no switches. It really is an eye-popping effect.Routines included:Colorblind. Probability. Probably. Retaw & Lio Football Clubs. The Chameleon Deck routine (on CDROM).You will receive a very special deck of Bicycle* playing cards, a full-color instructional booklet written by Chris Jones (aka Seige) containing deck handling instructions and routines, and a Windows compatible CD ROM with clear and easy to follow video tutorials explaining the deck and a possible routine.You will be up and running with the Chameleon Deck within minutes!*The color of deck you receive may vary.



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