Charles Bertram Court Conjurer by Edwin Dawes Deluxe Collector's Edition

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Charles Bertram: The Court Conjurer by Edwin A. Dawes. 1977 First Collector's Edition. This is a specially numbered copy of only fifty copies of the Deluxe Edition signed by the author, specially bound in pebbled leatherette, with colorful dust jacket, housed in a pebbled leatherette slip case. 360 pages, 8 by 11, color plates. Book is brand new and still in shrinkwrap.A Biography With Bertram's Greatest Tricks Explained - Edwin A Dawes - Charles Bertram was hailed as the greatest parlour and close-up magician at the turn of the century. His tremendous sleight of hand talents, combined with a gracious and warm presentation made him the favorite conjurer of England's royalty. Bertram transformed close-up and parlour magic in England the way Hofzinser had in Vienna, and Houdin in France, by bringing it from the streets and taverns into the drawing rooms of the upper echelon of society. This near-forgotten master of the art has been brought to life in this new biography by the noted historian Edwin A Dawes. Years of research and writing will take you into the colorful world of magic in turn-of-the century England. At 360 pages, this oversize book brings you not only Bertram's fascinating life, but also all of his known routines explained with all details available. Bertram's handlings of The Four Ace Tricks, Cups and Balls, Cards To Pocket, Diminishing Cards, Sands of the Desert, The Production of Flags, Multiplying Billiard Balls and many more are explained in full. Over 100 rare photographs



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