Children Laugh Louder by David Ginn Inscribed (Used)

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This book is inscribed "Good Wishes, George. For a truckload of laughter, David Ginn, August 1978. See you next year in St. Louis." Covers are worn but book is nice and tight.
Children Laugh Louder, sequel to Professional Magic for Children, is a trade paperback (5 1/2 X 8 1/2 inches) of 136 pages, with about 50 photos and drawings. In 7 chapters David Ginn presents Comedy Warm-ups like the Silk Illusion, Color Change Shoelaces, and Pop-Away Wand Opener. Chapter 2 is filled with Comedy Bits using Audience Helpers (greetings, handshakes, standing gags, remarks, and what to say when you forget a child's name). Laughs with no Apparatus fills Chapter 3: Trap Door, Animal Intro, Inside/Outside, A Dog by That Name, Bowing Contest, Purple Puppy Chow, and Funny Magic Words. Many of these items are still in use by David Ginn! Laughs with Simple Apparatus is Chapter 4: Jolly Polly George (as seen on Live Kidbiz 4 video), Karate Chop Comb (using in my current school show), Big Toothbrush, Karrell Fox's Shooting Card Trick, and the Magic Flower. Chapter 5 and 6 each detail a single routine, Ginn’s version of the Ali Bongo Monster Hat and "Freaky's Terror," a comedy production on a child's head. The final chapter is Ginn’s original routine "Charlie's Invisible Message," complete with photos taken from a live performance, plus all the details and patter from this do-it-yourself routine that he’s used for 30 years. Following Chapter 7 is a short, inspirational story you'll enjoy reading and never forget. Get it now, because this book has been out of print for years and will not be re-printed!



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