Classic Coin Tricks by T. Nelson Downs

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The art of the coin trick is one of the fundamentals of legerdemain, and T. Nelson Downs was an unparalleled master of the craft.

In 1900 the self-proclaimed "King of Koins" published an extensive account of his new and original coin sleights and tricks, "Embracing Every Sleight and Subtlety Invented and Known."

That rare volume is now reprinted here. It features detailed explanations and diagrams of numerous feats with coins-most prominent among them the author's world-famous original creation, "The Miser's Dream," a much-imitated act climaxing in the production of a shower of half-dollars. In this complete manual of the art of conjuring with coins, Downs shares his secrets for scores of "fakes" and sleights, including passing a coin through the bottom of a hat, the money-producing cigarette, the mysterious claret glass, the crystal coin ladder, the obedient coins, and many more. He also offers a wealth of suggestions for stage "business" involving handkerchiefs, goblets, hats and other props, as well as helpful tips on presentation, patter and other techniques.

By following the clear, concise instructions in this book, both professional and amateur magicians can expand their sleight-of-hand repertoires to include a host of baffling and amazing tricks sure to dazzle and delight any audience. What's more, this volume offers a superb introduction to the wit and artistry of one of the acknowledged masters of the field.

Paperbound, 150 illustrations.



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