Close Cover Before Striking by Lee Asher (Inscribed)

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This copy is inscribed "Paul, You will like these, Lee Asher."
Close Cover Before Striking is not for the beginner by any means. Most of the material in here requires some knowledge of sleight of hand. Only those ready to attempt more difficult things should look on.Rosie Palm Have you ever wanted to get a card into your palm in a really slick way - where no one would notice? What if you could palm a card from where it was returned? Here is the answer! With Rosie Palm, you can palm a card right out of the center of the pack! This is a very interesting new school approach to the old school center palm. If you perform in front of large groups of people, you might want to look into this.Wipe your Ace- The deck is shuffled. You announce that one at a time, you will find each of the aces. You find three aces in very visual ways, but fail to produce the last ace. Immediately, you change your failure into a success by changing a wrong card into the final ace. After learning Wipe Your Ace, there are no other ways you would want to find a four of a kind!Face Down Silver Surfer- If you like Ambitious Card, look no further. This is the face down version of the Silver Surfer which originally appeared on The Five Card Stud. This version is much easier to perform; even a beginner can quickly perform this one.Resistance is Feudal- Instantly change any four cards into the four aces in the most magical way. Your audience will gasp when you perform this one. This effect also appears on the Hit the Road DVD if you want to learn it visually.Thats a Wrap- A borrowed $100 bill is wrapped around a deck of cards. In an instant, the bill vanishes, and then reappears wrapped around the four aces (or whatever cards you desire) in the center of the deck! All close up magicians should perform this one...Put your Treys in the Upright Position- Imagine that the four threes visually rotate out of the deck and remain standing on the table without any visible means of support. This will make the people watching scratch their heads. This is impromptu magic at its best!



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