Close Up Card Magic by Harry Lorayne (1976 1st edition)

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This is a 1976 Tannen edition of this classic Lorayne book. In excellent condition complete with dustjacket
This was Harry Lorayne's first card book released back when I was a teenager. Most still consider this to be Lorayne's best work ever. I am STILL performing many of these effects to this day. I consider this to be one of the top ten books on card magic ever written. During my tours in Vietnam, I learned every single card trick from this book. This entire book contains some of the strongest card magic ever and all are based on simple sleights or no sleigts at all. All sleights needed are fully explained. All you'll need is a jog, palm, double undercut and a few other simple sleights. The trick "STOP" is well worth ten times the price of this book. Classic card tricks that are easy on the sleights and high on audience impact. I recommend this very highly.



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