Close Up Connivery 2 Lecture Notes by Dan Garrett

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More of Dan Garrett’s best close-up material, plus contributions from Phil Goldstein (aka Max Maven), David Williamson, Michael Weber, Charles J. Pecor and others....
Includes the first look at Dan’s famous Pin-Demonium routine with safety pins (as performed by Bob Sheets on the Travel Channel cable television special Street Magic) - inspired by a routine by Han Ven Senus in Harry Lorayne’s Apocalypse. (This routine also appears in the DVD Close-Up Connivery, in Garrett’s Top Ten lecture notes, and on the DVD Grab That Pinhead with Bob Sheets.. Other routines in Close-Up Connivery #2 include: Four Card Reiteration (aka Four For Spot), the OHS (One-Hand-Swivel) Card Change, Thinkerprint, the Fickle Fingers of Fong Chur and lots more. For those of you who have seen the late Larry Jennings’s Video/DVD Thoughts On Cards - Vol. 1, Jennings opens with his performance at the Magic Castle of my Four Card Reiteration. This is professional-quality material at a ridiculously low price!



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