Cobra Sharpie by Mozique and Alakazam - Trick

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The Cobra Sharpie looks like a real Sharpie and writes like a real Sharpie but its an incredible electronic utility item that will open the doors to many new and exciting effects! The Cobra Sharpie kit comes with Special Cobra Sharpie pen and full instructions outlining some great routines and ideas to get you started! Each Cobra Sharpie is painstakingly hand manufactured by Mozique and has so much electronics crammed into it that it would not look out of place in a James Bond film! The Manual includes detailed handling tips and features ideas and routines from: Mozique, Peter Nardi, Dr John, Martin Duffy, Kennedy, Piers Casimir-Mrowceynski and Gregory Wilson. A selection of routines possible with the Cobra Sharpie: Emotional Buzz!The spectator becomes a mind reader and is able to identify a chosen object with a little help from the Cobra. Matchbox MonteThe magician is able to identify which of three matchboxes contains the magicians finger ring and also includes variations using a spectators own ring. Cobra CardsTips on using shimmed playing cards with the pen as a means to locate a spectator's card. Cobra Pen Influence A full routine utilizing Miniature playing cards and coins but with a kicker finale. The magician is able to identify the location of a silver coin which has been hidden underneath one of four playing cards. Having successfully identified the correct card several times the magician then shows the spectators how easily influenced they are with a mind-blowing finale. Lie Detector The classic coin in hand routine using the magicians and a spectator's finger ring! The magician is able to guess which hand the spectator is hiding there own ring by using apparently only psychological means, plus tips on using other objects for this. Cup Detective / Russian Roulette A full range of tips on the classic object under cups routine. The Manual gives tips on how to make your own magnet ball and includes handling tips on using the Cobra with such marketed effects such as 'Spike' and the 'Scorpion'. A sure-fire way to detect no more fumbling!



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