Coin Pail (with handles) Frakson by Morrissey Magic (Used)

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A used prop in fine condition with the exception of a small "ding" on one side of the pail. These are no longer made as Morrisssey is out of business.
Magician shows both hands empty, he picks up a large Champagne Bucket from his table. Performer now proceeds to pluck coin after coin from the air. Coins here, coins there, coins everywhere. From a spectator's ear, nose, pocket or even the spectator himself can catch a coin from the air.


Morrissey Magic manufactures the 'FINEST COIN PAIL IN THE WORLD' for this outstanding classic of magic-THE MISER'S DREAM. And with only a minimum of practice you master it, due to the clever construction of the apparatus.

The Professional Coin Pail is made in aluminium, The handles are similar to Kellar Coin Catchers (in an inverted position). Each handle holds 15 US Half Dollars and English Pennies.

Designed exactly like the pail used by the world famous coin manipulator FRAKSON. Frakson used this pail for over 40 years in his professional nite-club act.

An important part of any good Coin Pail is the sound. With this pail the coins can be heard in the largest hall, nite-club or auditorium.

Includes instruction sheet.

Dimensions Approximately: 7.5" x 7.5"



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