Cola Monte Orange Juice Finish

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Another great new Onosaka effect with jumbo cards for stand-up kid's shows. Magician displays two large cards with pictures on each side. On the face of each card is a glass of cola and on the back of one card is a Pepsi can while on the back of the other is a Coke can. Kids are asked to participate in the "taste test." The two cards are turned with the cola cans away from the audience and are mixed. No matter how they try, they cannot guess which one is the Coke and which one is the Pepsi. Finally, the Pepsi card is clearly and cleanly placed aside. When they try to guess which one remains, the card is turned around and it is a large bottle of Orange Juice. Then the card is turned around again and now the cola in the glass has changed to orange juice. A great double climax. This is really beautifully made. One of those "pack flat" items for your kid shows



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