Colaura by Richard Paddon - Trick

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Colaura - Cold reading in FULL COLOUR Your spectator chooses a colour and receives a brief reading based on their choice. Uncannily the aura colour on their personal reading card, changes to match their selection. Colaura is a modular cold reading system that allows you to make a personal colour reading for the participant. Colaura is perfect for intimate and strolling performances. The simple system makes it easy to remember the meanings of the colours and areas of the head. The Colaura card is a disguised tick sheet to assist the performer. A personal colour reading can be tailored for the participant. The Colaura card makes a great business card handout or keepsake for the spectator. Colaura is extremely versatile as it can be presented in three ways.Colaura is a fun routine that allows for a personal connection with the participant. Includes three bonus routines: PsyCol - A chameleon-like method for handing out your business card. Also a magical way of tapping into the subconscious mind with a colourful prediction. PsyTuition - Spectator uses her intuition to correctly divine an ESP shape. PsyShape - A Banachek style psychological prediction.WHAT YOU GET....... 4 special Pens Over 70 Custom designed, personal reading cards Detailed instructional 75min broadcast quality DVD CD with 50 page e-book containing dozens of professional tips on cold reading, colour readings and how to use them in these visual and colourful effects. PLUS a bonus 20 page e-book that teaches a great playing card prediction.PLUS - Includes bonus files to make your own cards - NO refils to buy! Concept by Richard Paddon, ideas and routines by Sean Taylor, Richard Paddon, Dave Everett and Edward De'Ath



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