Combined Inspirations by Anitha & Sreenivas

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Anitha and Sreenivas have jointly written this book that is 9th in the Indian Magic Showcase series of books. This is a 30 page A-4 size offset printed publication, staple bound in art board covers, profusely illustrated and containing a dozen very practical and commercial magic effects by the wife and husband team. The contents of this book include Prophecy (a triple prediction of a selected card), W.H.B. (a pair of tricks with different coloured elastic hair bands), Colour Galaxy (a novel colour changing pack using a single deck), Houdini Ring (an escape of a bangle or a steel ring locked between hair bands) Jurassic Card (an offbeat packet trick with cards depicting pictures of Dinosaurs), Coins Across (a different handling of coins travelling from one hand to the other), Rare Pasteboards (a highly commercial playing card routine) Alchemy To The Max (a copper/silver coin transformation), Cardinal X-Ray (another packet card trick where the selected card is revealed in a novel way), Turned Aces (A cutting the Aces effect), Silver Unlimited (a coin change) and Silky Knot ( tying an instant knot on a silk). A mere description of the effects or routine is unable to convey the practical performing value of these effects but those have seen the Magic Duo in actions will know the effects must be very good! For those not familiar with the author's previous works or performances we thoroughly recommend this book as excellent value for anyone interested in novel and practical close-up magic.  



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