Comedy Act of and by Tom Palmer

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With every laugh, every detail, every nuance! This is the one that wowed convention audiences, brought screams from laymen - the one with the assistant who couldn't care less! It's the one where everybody knows where the rabbit is except him.The one where the smoke comes out of his collar. The one where the table gets the best of Palmer!If you ever saw it, you know how wildly funny the act is. If you didn't see it, you're in for a load of surprises and fun.The 48 pages of illustrated text (line drawings and photos) cover the complete information you will need to do this famous act - or any part of it. Many segments are beautiful in themselves; any of the many bits can be incorporated in your own existing material. Much of the act can be done without an assistant, altho Tom's big finish where he ends up with two halves of a girl, is almost irresistible.Material covers all required (or suggested) tricks, costume details, music suggestions, data on lighting, staging, sources for material, and a detailed wardrobe chart valuable for this or any future act.Spectacular full color photo cover, plastic shield binding with spirals for easy study. 48 8 1/2x 11 size pages.



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